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On top of the mat were the teeth themselves, truncated pyramids of reinforced concrete about a meter in height in the front row, to two meters high in the back.

Dragon's teeth (fortification)

They were staggered and spaced in such a manner that a tank could not drive through. Interspersed among the teeth were minefields, barbed wire, and pillboxes that were virtually impregnable by the artillery and set in such a way as to give the Germans crossing fire across the entire front.

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The only way to take those pillboxes was for infantry to get behind them and attack the rear entry. Due to the huge numbers laid and their durable construction, many thousands of dragon's teeth can still be seen today, especially in the remains of the Siegfried and Maginot Lines. United States Army troops passing through dragon's teeth on the Siegfried Line in Switzerland continues to maintain lines of dragon's teeth in certain strategic areas.

In the military jargon these constructions are often referred to as ' Toblerone lines ', after the chocolate bar.

Dragon's teeth - Wikipedia

Dragon's teeth are also present in some areas along the Korean Demilitarized Zone borderline and were also used on the East German side of the Berlin Wall. The term has survived into the present day and now also can be used to describe any line of posts or pegs set into the ground to deter vehicle access, for example in rural car parking areas, or alongside roads.

Some countries, such as those formed after the breakup of Yugoslavia , have movable teeth, positioned at roadsides at strategic locations, which are to be lifted and placed on the roads. Some stages of Rallye Deutschland , the German round of the WRC rally championship, are run on roads belonging to the military training ground at Baumholder.

Dragon's teeth (mythology)

The roads are lined with dragon's teeth, known as 'Hinkelsteine'. They usually serve as obstacles to prevent tanks from leaving the roads, and cause devastation to any rally car which veers off track.

Battlefield 4 Dragon's Teeth Infantry Gameplay

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Dragon's teeth from the Alpine Wall. This section of the Siegfried Line sat in the middle of the Hardt Mountains, where the landscape was dotted with pillboxes and dragon teeth tank obstacles. Retrieved 26 February Blood on German Snow: Land mines, barbed wire, and diagonally-placed steel beams were placed between the teeth to further impede movement.

Anti-tank obstacles in Wimmis, Switzerland. We have another fun read on a similar topic: Saksaywaman was the largest structure built by the Incas and is one of the oldest ancient buildings on the planet.

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Still, if deployed in the right quantities, thousands for example they could stall enemy forces for quite some time. Square pyramidal fortifications first used during WWII to slow down and channel tanks into killing zones.

  1. Dragon's teeth (fortification) - Wikipedia.
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  6. Nov 26, David Goran. The development of fast-moving reliable tanks led to many ideas of how to slow or disable them.