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Strangely enough for a cup of oil it was not the least bit greasy and it worked well eating it out of hand. My Son and Husband had to drive harvesters until late in the night to try and beat the coming rain. They drive and eat at the same time and this was a good choice for them…plus they liked it. Mine burnt a bit on the bottom cake abuse! I was distracted and forgot! Hey everyone — Please keep in mind that baking times can vary wildly from oven to oven, depending on how the ovens circulate heat and whether the have been calibrated correctly. Ours runs cool, and this took well over 1.

Most frustratingly, I may add. Thank you for your comment. The apple cake has been in my oven in a normal cake pan for 2. I am a little worried the outer parts of the cake will be burnt, but oh well. What size is your normal cake pan? Do you have an oven thermometer in there? Hi Deb, replied a week later to say that my oven was running low! I just received my oven thermometer today. Thanks for coming back to me though! Oops, thanks for the update. Found what it was! So I got an oven thermometer and am hoping to never have baking issues. Oh that looks delicious!

Thank you for also adding the recipe card photo to Flickr, makes it easy to fave and and remember where I got the recipe from: I am going to bake it this weekend. Thanks for such a great recipe. I can smell it right now. I should have known better! Deb, this looks wonderful. I love homey deserts and will try this later this afternoon. Many thanks to you and your Mom for sharing! I think my family would love this for Sunday dinner. It looks easily vegan-ized, so I may toy with making a vegan version later but not for my dairy and egg eating lovies, just me. I think that is the most delicious looking apple cake I have ever seen.

Just from the photos alone I can see how great the texture would be if I bit into it…mmmm…apple-y and soft…. Well, there is a slight different. Do you think it makes a difference? When I was doing a little research, I came across a version from an old Gourmet that had the separated and whipped egg whites. I like the idea, actually—it would lighten the cake up. However, I stuck with this because this is how my mother always makes it. In fact, in almost any cake you can separate out the egg whites, whip them and fold them back in in the end for an airier cake.

I am, incidentally, amused to report that our recipe comes not from the old world or even an old neighbor, but instead from a s Catholic church community cookbook.

I made your Apple cake last night and I put it into my silicone bundt pan and it worked fine I did make a point of trying to mix in some cake batter into the apple bits on the bottom of the tin which would be the top of the cake. I used only one cup of sugar as I find many american recipes use much more sugar than I am used to, and even a cup of caster sugar made quite a sweet cake.

I also found that the top of the cake burned quite badly which wasnt too bad as it became the bottom but I had to cut a lot off and I turned the oven down a bit. I took it to work and it was very well recieved, and a recipe I would make again. I think I might add some allspice and mace and cloves to make the flavour a little more complex, but I did like the way the apples retained the flavour so the cake was quite tasty! I mistakenly baked it for an extra 15 min and it was still moist.


In my experience apple sizes can vary wildly, esp if using grocery store ones versus local, and I have messed some stuff up lately by using not enough small, local apples. Can you give me an idea of the size of the apples—small like local, small orchard grown ones? Large like those huge granny smiths found in grocery stores? I made it in a bundt pan last night, and it turned out beautifully. However, I found that I only had to cook it an hour and five minutes. The batter is fabulous! Apples shrink when they cook, right? I made this last night with great success!

I subbed milk for the apple juice, which turned out fine. One thing — the batter is pretty thick. I was so absorbed with scraping out the remnants of the batter from the bowl and not pouring it down the tube in my pan, I let it all collect on one side of the pan. Since this was my second layer of batter, it promptly sunk to the bottom. To prevent having a cake with all cake on one side and all apple on the other, I mixed it all together in the pan.

So instead of having a clearly layered end product, I have a yummy cake with apple pieces studded throughout. Mine baked in exactly 90 minutes. It is simply a huge cake, 1. McIntoshes are actually on the small to medium size, but you can of course use any old apple you like. I simply put that in there because my mother has always baked with them, and I have always snacked on them as she baked with them, and they have this uber-apple-y flavor I always associate with early fall.

You can substitute melted butter or margarine for the oil. However, I just wanted to throw one thing out there—butter is, of course, my favorite things to put in cakes. However, I have found that cakes that use oil tend to stay just that more moist, just a little big longer. Perhaps a half-swap of butter would give you the best of both worlds.

I made this Wednesday night and it is absolutely delicious. I think the next time I would substitute brown sugar for part of the white sugar and use buttermilk instead of orange juice because I think buttermilk makes everything better. It was a huge hit though! I just took the kids apple picking. They picked twenty-five pounds of apples. Believe it or not, we are almost out. I was planning to take them again, and I will give this a try before they all get used up. The recipe is a keeper!

I made it in a square pan … see it at http: I made this recipe last night and it was such a hit at work. The only thing is that the bottom ended up being a bit hard..

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I should have cooked it about 10 minutes less.. I followed your recipe exactly: Thank you for sharing! I made it last night and it is delicious!!! Then I got more health conscious. I should experiment with lightening it up a bit. I do miss it, it is a delicious cake.

I just made this today and all I have to say is wow! It is so easy to make and comes out incredibly moist and flavorful. I gave half to my mom and she called me while she was still eating to let me know how good it was. My husband loved it.

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Thank you for sharing. See the pics and my blog at http: Wow — this is gorgeous… and it just made me sort of wistful about being a kid! My mom made the Jewish apple cake all of the time when I was growing up. I think the only difference was she sliced her apples. The chunks are gorgeous. This cake is just wonderful.

I made it in a bundt pan, putting the apples on the bottom first. Did not come out as cleanly as I would have liked but tastes amazing. I was a bit skeptical about the batter because it looked more like cookie dough, but once all the eggs were incorporated it looked just like the picture. Thanks for the recipe, love your blog. Deb, my kitchen has never, ever smelled better than it does right now! I am twitching, because the Challah is still VERY hot, and all I want to do is rip into it and slather it with butter.

The Apple cake is waiting patiently for my mom, my daughter and her family to come for dinner tomorrow night. I am hoping that this comes out as wonderfully as the other baked goods have. I can always use another apple cake recipe. This looks absolutely fabulous! The only mod I made was the cooking time. It took 2 hours and 15 minutes. My 4 year old and I just made this cake, and it turned out great! I am always looking for easy recipes, and this looks pretty straight forward indeed.

Apple recipes are a hit this time of the year! Thanks so much for sharing this! I might just bring it to Thanksgiving dinner: This cake was my Saturday project and it was just perfect. We had a nice family dinner and this was the perfect ending to our meal. I was just wondering, do you think that it would be ok to add sugar to the greased pan before pouring in the batter to add that caramel-y crunch that some coffee cakes have?

Or would it just burn? I wanted to share my baking experience with this recipe. As a novice baker, I was impressed at how quickly the recipe came together and at how many of the ingredients I already had in my meagerly stocked pantry. A few things for other novices coming to the plate: Second, as others have noted, oven temperature is critical. I already knew my oven ran hot, but even with my adjustments the timing was still off and the cake was overdone. Deb, thanks so much for sharing your wonderful gifts with food and photography with the masses.

Redengine88, I wish I did live in the south to take you up on your kind offer. Fall heaven on a plate. Joins the similar apple cake from the NYTimes as my new favorite way to eat apples. And thanks too for your assiduous follow-up! I made this cake this weekend and it was a huge success! It smelled so good coming out of the oven that my husband and I dove in and sampled a slice before it was fully cooled. It was everything you said it would be Deb — flavorful, moist and full of cinnamony apple chunks.

I cooked it in a 12 in springform pan and it took almost 1 hour 50 minutes to fully cook in the center. I made this yesterday and it is fabulous! I also had to bake an extra 15 minutes in a standard tube pan. There were still a few crumbs on the tester when I pulled it out, so I let it cool in the pan about 10 minutes assuming that it would cook a little bit more, and it pulled away from the sides of the pan perfectly so I could pop the center out with the cake.

I cooled it fully before inverting it off the cone, then back onto the platter. It cuts beautifully with a serrated bread knife. I got tons of compliments and requests for the recipe. I was also thinking that this would be a good one to try with rhubarb only probably mixing in the rhubarb Thanks Deb! That sounds and looks amazing. Thanks for sharing it…I am sure my crew here would love to devour that.!

Thank you so much for sharing this recipe. The pictures were so gorgeous I had to bake it! The smell while it was on the oven was scrumptious. My husband loves it! I did not even resist 1 week before trying the recipe! Brought it to my family for the week-end, everyone loved it. I bake it in a bundt pan, starting with half of the batter, but next time I will put less.

As the bottom is not flat, half of the batter makes a really high piece of cake without any apples, which is a shame! Had to tell you that this is my newest favorite cake… Thanks! Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!! WE are having it for a brunch kind of thing!!!! Made this cake and took it to a gathering of ladies. Everyone loved it, but everyone had a version of the cake that was easier and made less dirty dishes. I think I will try theirs next time!

Perfect for Rosh Hashana or breaking the fast at Yom Kippur. I have made coffee cakes into individual party favor sized portions by making them in muffin tins layers and all. Do you think that would work for this recipe too? They would make great favors for Thanksgiving.

The history of the recipe is even more entertaining then if it had been passed down for generations. I blew off a whole morning of work and made this instead. I just made this cake last weekend after a trip to the orchard. It was fantastic and so delicious! Thanks for the great recipe! Clearly I took this important step too lightly, you can have a chuckle at my expense by looking at the photo http: Otherwise, a very moist cake that fills your house with a supremely delish aroma of apple cinnamon.

Of course we still ate it, we just served chunks instead of slices! How beautiful of you to share such a recipe! I find my best come from my grandmother. The index cards where you can barely read the writing: This looks absolutely delicious! The aroma of it baking was almost too good, and when it came out of the oven I knew I was going to be obsessed. I baked this as a thank you for some family and friends who helped us move house and got nothing but rave reviews.

Thank you so much for sharing this recipe!! I baked mine in a bundt pan with the apples at the bottom, as suggested, and it turned out beautifully. I have an Apple Cake recipe…almost the same, but without the orange juice. One of the best!!! I followed the recipe. It was good anyways…used it on top of ice cream. Also, should the cake cool before being turned out?

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Trust me, no one cared! I also made the challah on this site and it was incredible too. My family was absolutely delighted with both…and with me: The apple cake was divine! I made it for break fast and it disappeared in no time but luckily I did get a slice and it was fantastic. But, one thing I always wondered—what makes it Jewish?

Even the smell of it while it was in the oven was amazing! This would allow the cake to be permitted in a meat meal and stay within the traditional Jewish dietary laws which prohibit mixing meat and milk in the same meal. On the other hand, I made mine with butter and it was heavenly.

It was very easy to make and tasted very good. Not an overly sweet dessert which I loved. Another amazing recipe from the Smitten Kitchen! I just took it out of the oven…still cooling in the pan. Love your webstie your pictures…I love to cook with the help of pictures and yours are awesome! This recipe is definitely a keeper. Update… The cake was fine without being baked in a tube-type pan although even with a convection oven it took ages this is one thick cake! What appeared to be an over-abundance of apples turned out just fine. I took it to a party where there was some pretty stiff dessert competition, and I was secretly hoping there would be a piece left to take home.

Alas, there was none…. I doubled the recipe and made this in three pans one good quality, two not-so-great. In a heavy, high-quality pan, the recipe works fine as stated: In a cheaper pan, grease the pan, line the bottom of the pan with parchment paper, grease the paper as well, and take the cake out five minutes early. The two cakes in the cheaper pans: Despite this inconvenience, each bite was delicious. I also used a round cake pan and used 1 cup light brown sugar and 1 cup white sugar.

I brought it to a friends house for a dinner party and everyone was impressed. I shall definitely be making this one again.

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Thank you for the recipe! Made the Apple cake for our Oktoberfest party last weekend… hugh hit! Used 7 Empire apples which are smaller then Macs, thought I could have used another 2…I love apple anything. This is my first time to comment on your wonderful blog, I love your recipes, you inspire me to cook more and cook better for my seven kids and hungry husband.

The next thing we are going to be trying is the peanut butter ganache cake. Thanks so much for inspiring us! Would it be OK to post it on my blog, links and credit to you, of course? My blog is here: By the way, I was thinking, my gradparents now dead have also survived Nazi Europe and immigrated to Israel. But no recipes were passed from my grandma, which was a wonderful cook, and that is kind of sad for me.

I was too young to learn something from my grandma. I just have some blurry memeories of her food…. The cake stays so moist Days after-if it lasts that long: I did add the walnuts but only sprinkled them on top, it added a nice crunch.

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Wow, this looks incredibly delicious! Made it today for a friend, it was really awesome and everybody loved it so much! Thanks a lot Deb! Just noticed that the recipe says coffee cake but I cant see coffee in the recipe. How much coffee do I add and when? Deb could probably do several posts about that. I made this cake yesterday. My house smelled amazing while it was baking. I made the cake on Saturday.

Everyone raved about it. Forgot to dust it with powdered sugar like you did in the pic. I loved this cake, moist and great for days. I made it for a meeting and got raves.


Turned out just like the picture. I tried it in a bundt pan and it took much less time to cook. Of course it was overdone at this point and when I flipped it out the outside was completely charred. I just made this for a dozen people at a pumpkin carving party over the weekend and everyone loooved it. It was still dense and moist and lovely though, and not too sweet. Thanks so much for sharing! I made this apple cake and served it for Dinner. First I cooled the cake down very well. I made this over the weekend with a friend of mine.

We prepared the cake Saturday night, put it in the fridge and then baked it Sunday night. Deb — Tried the apple cake last night and it was fabulous. I thought it strange to add the eggs to the already-mixed, dryish dough, but it turned out fine. Made this last night photos here and it turned out great.

I added some cranberries, and would probably use more apples next time, maybe mixing some into the batter itself. Rhubarb would be an excellent addition, too. The cake came out super-rich and dense, like pound cake. It took nearly two hours to bake, which may be the result of altitude or maybe a miscalibrated oven. But the result is stellar. Thanks for this recipe!

Excellent with whipped cream. I reduced sugar by a third and everyone thought it was fine. This gives the cake a little more flavor and texture. I went looking for one today and found an angle food cake pan made by Chicago Metallic and also a Coffee cake ring pan that has a much larger sized hole in the middle.. Bake at about 1 hour 20 minutes. Changes from not checking the pantry before you started: Add nutmeg in apple mix because you like nutmeg. Rave reviews from the coworkers.

I used a springform pan and found the edge got a little brown by the end of cooking almost 2 hours , but it was moist and delicious none-the-less: I made this cake because it was requested as a birthday cake. I do not eat sugar but was given rave reviews. I used 8 apples, that was the only change I made. Caster sugar is much more finely ground than American granulated sugar. The volume measurement will therefore not be the same, try going by weight. I made this delicious cake today and even though I forgot the vanilla and used a bundt pan it still turned out.

My husband says there are many people saying that I was robbed of first place as they absolutely loved this. Amazing cake — have made it twice now, both times fantastic. Made it with Bramley cooking apples today was all I had to hand and it was still outstanding. I used a little more sugar for coating them as they are extremely tart.

Thank you for sharing this fab recipe. Its still in the round tin I baked and covered this with alum. Thanks for an answer. I did it yesterday and i reduce sugar and oil. I used canola and olive oil together. A lot of flavors and a good moist. Thank you so much for this recipe. Hi Noel — This site gets a lot of new comments every day and sometimes, direct questions slip through the crack without me getting to respond to them. Instead, I freeze cakes when I want to bake them early: Has anyone ever topped this cake with any kind of icing?

I think I will make it for Thanksgiving. So I do a search and this is the ONE that appears to be the closest. I got this recipe from an ex boyfriends mother over 30 yrs ago and I will say that it is without a doubt the best apple cake you will ever eat. I just wonder if this is the same recipe. I made this a few weeks back and it was sooo yummy. Hello and Happy Thanksgiving! First time poster here, but long time reader. Made this cake today for Thanksgiving, and it was the hit of the desserts.

My oven is hot and it was done 20 minutes early, thanks for the reminder to check. I made this with half of the stuff in a layer cake pan and the other half became muffins. A bit more spice with the apples ginger, etc might add something. I have made this cake now twice, do i love it???

Does my husband love it??????????? I had a vision of making a fruit cake this year instead of a fruit pie and when I saw this apple cake, I knew I had found the answer. This replaced apple pie as one of our Thanksgiving desserts this year and it was a huge success. The two day old version is perhaps even better, as I just had a piece to get me through the morning.

Also my husband made the chocolate peanut butter bars a few weeks ago and though I scorned them as being overkill—I then ate about 15 of them. I had to make this cake when I saw the pictures. I must say the cake taste as I imagined. I brought into work. I kind of debated about sharing it. It was well received. A little hunting online led me to this lovely recipe. Got to bakin, discovered I had exactly one and a quarter cup of white sugar, so I subbed one cup of brown sugar for white.

I made this cake today in a regular not Bundt round cake tin, but halved the amount, based on the photos and comments, and got a very delicious regular sized cake. My mom passed away 3 years ago and she use to make this same exact cake. Like your mom, she got it from some small magazine clipping. Made this cake twice in the last two months. Upped the spice levels to make it really Christmas-sy, and even added a little chilli powder to warm things up for frosty days. What more can I say, apart from thanks for sharing.

Thank you for sharing this recipe. What a simple recipe… the cake is hearty and satisfying. Thanks for the recipe. I made it over the holidays and the house smelled great. But it was greatly appreciatedand coffee was demanded as an accompaniment. While we are discussing tweaking recipes, I wanted to say that I have been baking a similar cake every Thanksgiving and New Years for many years. I substitute chopped pecans for the walnuts, and also add about a cup of fresh cranberries to the batter.

The combination of the sweet apples and the sour cranberries is delicious. I use a bundt cake pan, and simply combine all the ingredients together. I also let the batter sit in the mixing bowl for 20 minutes while the oven is preheating. Thanks so much for the great recipe and for allowing the comments, they helped me answer almost all my questions.

I was surprised how thick the batter was, and I had the same problem with the top getting stuck in the bottom of the bundt pan. Using the bundt pan it took just under an hour to cook. I switched pecans for the walnuts and added a smidgen of cloves and nutmeg………. This is really making my home smell like a slice of apply heaven goodness. I am praying that in about 20 minutes or so, this cake will be amazing. I will post back if it is incredible as it smells in here. Thank you for the post! I must say that i was delighted trying this recipe but I am greatly disappointed in how this turned out.

I finally gave up and took it out of my oven after 3 and a half hours and still is not done. It is incredibly gooey the top of it is burnt and the bottom part of the cake is either burnt or incredibly gooey to the point that it looks like I just put it in the oven. It is hard to describe how disappointed I am. A Study of the Fishermen of Palito and Montero. Water Management and Conservation in Rural Morocco: Planning for the Future: Baker, Everett Vincent Pope. Creation of the Cartago Water Safety Plan: Banegas Nunez, Elena Victoria. A Recreational Fishing License Program: Educating About Transport History: Alternatives to Animal Experimentation: Marketing Hand-milled Rice in Thailand: A recommendation for marking the sesquicentennial using the best insights from the digital humanities.

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I whined at him, biting my lip. We were outside, on the balcony. I was drunk on Marco as I sat on his lap and the sun went down, slowly rocking us both into bliss. Fire thrummed in my body, my pussy spasming as he pinched me. Then, Marco kissed me. Read more Read less. Product description Product Description This is a collection of 6 scintillating tales, Candace, Luther, Alice, Sari, Violet, and Tricia Between the years of and I worked in Thailand, with a very unique and discreet group of professionals.

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