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  1. What is the rule of extra time in football? - Quora
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  5. Overtime (sports)

If the scores are still tied, a second overtime of 2x5 minutes is played. If the game is still tied after 2 overtimes, the game goes into a penalty shootout. Five players per side throw 7-meters-penalties, if still tied, one player per side take a penalty throw until a decision is found, which is the same procedure as in association football. If the score remains tied after an overtime period, the subsequent shootout consists of a set number of players from each team 3 in the NHL and IIHF rules and 5 in most North American minor leagues, and one in some other leagues taking penalty shots.

After these shots, the team with the most goals is awarded the victory. If the score is still tied, additional shots are played until one team scores and the other doesn't; the scoring team wins and is awarded two points in the standings, while the losing team is awarded one point. In North America, the winning team receives two points regardless of whether the win comes in regulation, overtime or the shootout, while the losing team receives no points for a regulation loss and one point for an overtime or shootout loss.

In the NHL, the player scoring the shootout-winning goal is not officially credited with a goal in his personal statistics; thus, a player who scores twice in regulation and once in the shootout is not credited with a hat trick. On December 16, , the Florida Panthers defeated the Washington Capitals in the 20th round of a shootout, making it the longest shootout in NHL history.

In many European leagues a team receives three points for a regulation win and two for an overtime or shootout win, with the losing team's points awarded in the same manner as in North America. Regardless of the number of goals scored during the shootout by either team, the final score awards the winning team one more goal than the score at the end of regulation time or overtime. In many North American minor leagues, the player that scores the shootout-winning goal is credited with one shot on goal and one goal.

North American professional hockey does not allow shootouts in post-season play, and instead will play multiple minute sudden-death overtime periods as are needed until a team scores.

What is the rule of extra time in football? - Quora

In some European countries, the post-game penalty shots are unofficially known as "bullets". In rugby union , five players take kicks on goal from the centre of the metre line. If the scores are level after five players from each team have kicked, the shootout goes to sudden death.

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  • Penalty shootout.

This tie-breaking method was used for the first time at a professional level in Leicester Tigers ' Heineken Cup semi-final victory over the Cardiff Blues on 3 May ; after a 26—26 draw after extra time, Leicester won the shootout 7—6. Following a tie in regulation, 5 players and a goalkeeper are chosen by the coaches of each team.

Players shoot from the 5 meter line alternately at either end of the pool in turn until all five have taken a shot. If the score is still tied, the same players shoot alternately until one team misses and the other scores. The scores from the penalty shootout are added to the score instead of being counted as a separate score as in other sports. Colleges have no such shootout procedure; teams play two straight 3-minute periods, and if still tied play multiple 3-minute golden goal periods. Penalty shootouts are also used on a few game shows:.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Penalty shoot-out field hockey. Penalty shoot-out association football. Retrieved 26 June Canadian American Association of Professional Baseball. Klein, "Hockey Night in Europe: Retrieved 3 May Can I juggle in soccer with normal shoes, or does it work better with soccer shoes? On what basis would extra time be allowed in soccer? This is only bought into play in the knockout matches. Learn something new in just 5 minutes a day.

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Football (Soccer)/The Basics

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Overtime (sports)

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