My Hijaab, My Path

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  2. The Niqab and My Path Into the Journey of Islam - The Islamic Monthly
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It was in Ramadan, after iftar i went to her place so we can go to our aunts wedding. I had been already considering the thought for a few days and so I felt excited about wearing it being not fully aware of the consequences. And since two of my close friends wear the scarf, I felt very encouraged to take that step. I came back home that day and announced my decision to wear the scarf. But hijab back then seemed so easy, it was concerned with wearing fashionable clothes and matching them with a pretty headscarf.

The Niqab and My Path Into the Journey of Islam - The Islamic Monthly

People used to call me stylish and pretty. I saw it as a major way of getting compliments. I did it because I was a thirteen year old girl who wanted to do something different with her life, who had just watched her bestfreind get celebrated for putting on a piece of cloth on her hair and wanted to get some of that attention. I wanted the gifts, and the congratulations, and the celebrations and the love and compliments and flattery from people — and boy, did I get plenty!

I received so much encouragement and positive feedback, I felt for sure, I had done the right thing. I lived my life like any normal teenager would. I had my highs and lows, my ups and downs.

Dedicated to your stories and ideas.

My hijab helped me during middleschool and highschool. It was like a shield, an invisible suit that I always had on when I went out, the suit that kept away the evil eye. It enabled me to keep that all-important low profile. I hate waking up in the morning, I hate going places, I hate even looking at people or having people look at me.

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I walk with my head down and my self confidence is at rock bottom. At heart, i am a modest person. El-Zain said there are about 1, Muslims in the area, a number that is growing quickly. The Pew Research Center estimates there are 3. Islam is expected to become the second largest religious group in the country by It is unfortunately old news to Rahman and her family, who have experienced other incidents of hate and racism.

She says her mother was particularly concerned about the unwelcome attention her historic moment might generate.

My Hijab My Path

I saw that growing up… being in the car with my mom and seeing people next to us stop and make their gestures and things like that. She says those past experiences have steeled her for the expected backlash of being shown wearing a hijab. He says he was careful in preparing her ahead of her debut. Mickle stresses the positive feedback pouring into the station outweighs the negative, and adds the only real pressure at the moment is dealing with the overwhelming media interest in Rahman.

Rahman says she hopes her hard work pays off, not just to move up the television news career ladder, but so those who follow in her footsteps will have similar opportunities in offices across the country. But he had his own set of issues, and somehow we just seemed to help each other.

My Path to Medical School (It wasn't easy) - Bintou Waiga

T, being a Pakistani Muslim, telling me about himself meant he also told me about Islam. Meanwhile, I would tell Imane everything about what he told me and she would explain a lot of things to me about Muslims and Islam.

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I soon fell in love with this religion that just seemed to answer all of my questions, and on the 29th of May , I converted alhamdulillah! Hi, I am convert as well with both my parents non- muslims. Of course my mom and dad just did not agree thinking I became a brainwashed arabic or something like that. I am so happy we have you as a new sister! As I live close to London and regulary going on sisters day please feel free to drop me a mail if you need advice or simply want to have a new sister friend! Thank you for your comment!

I would love to go to some sister activities with you! Where about do you go? Salam sister, just sign up on http: I live in Reading but I there are events organised all around UK.

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If you lookon it there are also some fantastic Islamic classes as well. Luckily I found in reading but London is full of oppurinities. If you would like some nice clothes just pop down to Slough or Southhall! I hope you find full confidence and peace soon and of course many new friends!!! Also, what about brother tariq do you still talk to each other? Tariq and I are doing well alhamdulillah: I look forward to reading what you think and what the story is behind your conversion.

Surah 47:2