Meteorites: Messengers from Space

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Meteorites are precious rock samples preserving material from the birth of the Solar System 4. Some are actual pieces of the original matter from which the planets were assembled. Others are fragments of asteroids that grew hot enough to develop crusts, mantles, and cores. When these extraterrestrial rocks land on Earth, they provide an extraordinary opportunity to piece together the history of our Solar System's birth and evolution.

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A meteor is the streak of light caused when a meteoroid enters Earth's atmosphere. Air friction melts the meteoroid's surface, making it glow white hot. Meteors also are called shooting stars. A meteorite is a meteoroid that survives the fiery passage through the atmosphere and crashes to Earth. Like rocks, meteorites are made up of minerals. Some of the minerals are the same ones seen in Earth rocks, but others are not found on Earth at all. There are three main types of meteorites: Most meteorites come from the asteroid belt, a collection of small rocky bodies — they're about 1, km miles or less in diameter — orbiting the Sun between the paths of Mars and Jupiter.

The first clear meteorite evidence came in , when scientists were able to photograph an incoming meteorite with enough accuracy to calculate its orbit and determine where it originated. Since then, many other meteorites have been traced back to the asteroid belt as well. In the s, scientists recognized that a few rare meteorites come from the Moon and Mars. Comets are probably a significant source of the dust-like micrometeorites that shower the Earth each day.

Meteorites: messengers from space - Fritz Heide, Frank Wlotzka - Google Книги

Fewer meteorites come from Mars and our Moon, blasted off their surface when meteorites crashed into their surfaces and blew pieces into space. Meteorites fall everywhere on Earth. Most plunge into the oceans that cover three-quarters of the surface and are lost. Even those that fall on land can be difficult to recognize unless you see them hit the ground. The best places to look for meteorites have little or no vegetation to camouflage them and few Earth rocks. That's why glaciers, deserts, and rock-free plains are prime meteorite hunting grounds.

Meteorites: Messengers From Outer Space

More meteorites have been discovered in Antarctica than anywhere else on Earth. Not only are meteorites relatively easy to recognize against the ice, but the moving glacial ice actually concentrates the rocks in certain areas. As a bonus, the Antarctic deep freeze helps protect meteorites from the effects of weathering for thousands of years.

The United States' Antarctic Meteorite Program is a cooperative agreement between three agencies — the National Science Foundation, NASA, and the Smithsonian Institution — providing for the collection, curation, distribution, and long-term storage of meteorites recovered during annual U. This program continues to be an inexpensive yet guaranteed way to recover meteorites from the Moon, Mars, and previously unsampled asteroids.

The Smithsonian provides initial characterizations of newly collected Antarctic specimens and, ultimately, permanent storage and distribution to the scientific community. Nearly 16, Antarctic meteorites have been collected since , and over 14, of them have been permanently transferred to the Smithsonian.

The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History houses the National Meteorite Collection, which includes more than 45, specimens of more than 20, distinct meteorites. Learn more about the Museum's collections. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review.

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There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Good for those who may desire to know fundamental concepts of meteorite research with a historical perspective. When I pick up journal articles on the subject i.

Meteorites The Messengers from Space

ALH the "famous Allan Hills Martian meteorite" , I realize the "smallish" volume delivers in the fundamentals but elicits a lot of curiosity and an honest desire to say: Having said that much, the book retains the original author's intentions of rigor although it is updated to approximately I do recommend the book with caveat: But, it is a good read! One person found this helpful.

The science of meteoritics encompasses meteors, meteorites, and the features made by meteorites when they strike the Earth. All three are well covered in this pocket-sized guide. The basic forms of metoerites, irons and stones, are excellently discussed, as are impact craters. The book contains a particularly good review of the huge meteorite crater known as the Ries Kessel, Giant Kettle , a mile wide scar in Southern Germany. I would have liked color photography, but the photos are well-chosen, if sparse. The text rolls right along and is rated as high school graduate level.

Author Heide has written a fine introduction to the subject of meteoritics, and I give the book a good recommendation. Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers.

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