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  1. Make It Happen (Mariah Carey song)
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Musically, the piece had a restrained dance beat, very Mowtownish, that owed a little more to gospel, with a chorus - sung by Mariah, Trey and Patrique - that rose gloriously from the verse to repeat and drive and its very positive message home.

Make It Happen (Mariah Carey song)

It employs several musical instruments, including the piano , guitar , bass , organ , and tambourine. Allmusic critic Stephen Thomas Erlewine named the song one of his top two picks from Emotions , [14] while Jon Pareles from The New York Times called it an "uplifting pop-gospel homily". After hearing it, we understand why [Carey named] gospel star Shirley Caesar Jacque from the St.

Petersburg Times wrote "Carey evokes a deep-felt strength and love for life, and the music has a jazzy feel in its sparsity". McCord said, "If you listen to the chords at the beginning of the song, the similarity is obvious. It's the exact same chords in a different key"; he also noted lyrical similarities.

Carey's debut album sold over 15 million copies globally and produced four chart-topping singles on the Billboard Hot The song's charting throughout Australia and Europe was weak in comparison to Carey's previous singles the single was not released in New Zealand, despite Carey's popularity in that country at the time.

The following week, it rose to its peak of number 35, and spent five weeks within the chart. A benefit being depicted within, titled "Save Our Church", involves several other churchgoers who have congregated there to raise money through song. As the video begins, inspectors enter the building, searching the premises prior to its closing. Soon after, however, Carey makes her way to the stage with a few background singers and is soon joined inside the edifice by swarming groups of religious individuals.

As she begins playing the song, an additional choir forms on the small stage with several small children on the upper tiers.

Several musicians enter the room as the video progresses. Towards the video's climax, the crowd cheers Carey and begin clapping and chanting praises. Nispel said he added additional raw sounds, such as cheers, praises, and shouts, into the video in order make it feel like a "real, live experience".

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The audience, as they filled into the dusty and deserted building, was made up of the widest cross section possible: Carey has performed "Make It Happen" on live television, during charity appearances, and on numerous concert tours. The show was directed by Larry Jordan , who had previously worked with Carey on the music video set for " Someday ".

The roughness of this version succeeded in a way the recorded version on 'Emotions' could never manage. In the sterile atmosphere of a studio, where perfection, technology, and overdubbing were the rules, spontaneity had no place. On the stage, it was valued, and this performance had it.

Raw. Fresh. 100% Natural.

Everyone pushed everyone just a little further, to create something wonderful, and judging by the response, the audience realized it, as did Mariah when the song was finished. It was a rare moment, one that true performers strive for and don't find often enough to satisfy themselves. As during the usual live performances of the song, a gospel choir accompanied her.

Aside from the televised appearances and charity events, "Make It Happen" was featured on the set lists of several of Carey's world tours. During her first show at Japan's Tokyo Dome on March 7, , Carey performed the song alongside a twenty-five person choir and several additional musicians and background vocalists.

UK CD maxi-single [56].

Carry On The Conversation

Credits adapted from the liner notes of Emotions. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Make It Happen is also charged with attempting to engage traditional victim service providers on the needs of male crime victims. The purpose of this is to make victim services compensation available to young men of color who have been victims of crime.

The purpose of this is to build rapport and trust with participants and to gain a sense of their individual needs regarding their trauma history. During individual sessions, participants receive guidance and assistance catered to their immediate needs. Lauryn watches as a dancer, Carmen Julissa Bermudez performs impressively on the stage.

"Make It Happen": The Umbrella Dance

Before locking up late one night, Lauryn goes on the stage and silently and elegantly dances, while unbeknownest to her, Russ watches from a distance. The next night, Brenda finds herself short of dancers. Russ asks Lauryn to dance, after having seen her graceful performance the previous night. Lauryn reluctantly agrees, and goes on stage.

At first, new to the sexy routine, Lauryn looks foolish, but when Russ starts playing hip-hop music, Lauryn does a sexy hip-hop routine, and finds herself to be Ruby's new star. As Lauryn and Russ' relationship progresses, Lauryn continues performing stunningly on stage, much to Carmen's chagrin. One night however, Joel catches Lauryn at the club during a dance; After a bicker, in which Lauryn realizes that Joel is losing the family garage due to stacking mortgages and bills, she decides to ditch the stage and return to Indiana to save the garage.

Make It Happen (film) - Wikipedia

Soon after though, Joel catches a peek of Lauryn joyfully dancing in the garage one day, and asks Lauryn to give the audition another shot. Uplifted, Lauryn returns to Chicago for a second audition. She nails it, and happily embraces Russ, who has come to encourage her. Lauryn goes back to Ruby's to apologize to Brenda, but finds a surprise congratulatory party awaiting for her. The movie concludes as the party breaks into a dance. You have the dance element, and each little dance routine was going to be like its own little music video," Grant explains.

When it came to helping the director to tell the story, Grant went to work with longtime collaborator, Kodak Cinematography Award winner David Claessen. We've done music videos that have been amazing and every frame is like a portrait or a picture. With the main principles of the production set, the filmmakers went on to find their Lauryn Kirk. And I was extremely excited because it's a dance film and dance has been a passion of mine for a long time, especially growing up, so it was just a really great opportunity.

In June, Riley Smith announces his association with the film in his official website. The film was shot on location in Winnipeg , Manitoba , Canada, from August 8 until September 17, In mid July, promotions for the film began in UK.