Doing Normal

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  1. Is Your Marriage in Trouble?
  2. Are you doing what’s Natural? Or what is Normal?
  3. Are you doing what’s Natural? Or what is Normal?

She buys into their story sometimes. Deep down she knows that happiness and peace of mind are inside-out, not outside-in, but she sometimes uses their sympathy and their outside-in model of the world as an excuse to add to her pain. Her friends try to help by giving her a list of normal behaviors for someone in her circumstances.

Doing Normal Things

Her friends are absolutely right—it probably is normal to use substances for comfort. But are those things natural? Natural means the way nature intended. You may disagree, but I believe well-being and peace of mind is our natural state. Existing without all the extra layers is our natural state. Is it natural to think yourself into misery because you have tough circumstances in your life? Is it natural to hate your job and take your partner for granted? Well, when your mind is calm and clear, is that the state you effortlessly return to?

Standard Deviations

And how does it feel—like well-being, or like ego-constructed suffering? Doing what is normal will allow you to fit in. Biotechs Adjust to the New Normal.

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Amy Johnson , natural , normal , Peace of Mind. Are you interested in submitting your story or speaking out on an issue in the rare disease community? Global Genes is a non-profit c 3 corporation advocating for rare disease globally.

Is Your Marriage in Trouble?

Connect Socially f t p y r. Trump claim to world leaders met with laughter. Trump often says he's 'the least racist person'. I feel sad about that.

He was groomed by 'Pocahontas'. This face behind Trump startled me. Trump responds to op-ed: Why Woodward's book matters. Trump acts 'frighteningly dictatorial'.

Are you doing what’s Natural? Or what is Normal?

Woodward book reveals 'crazytown' White House. Trump's latest Twitter tirade lashes at media. Trump warns of violence if GOP loses midterms. Impeach somebody who's done great job?

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  • What kind of man is this? Within 24 hours, he called on the attorney general to halt the investigation into his campaign's links to Russia, slammed the criminal prosecution of his former campaign manager Paul Manafort as a "hoax," and lied with great confidence at his Florida rally about his own popularity.

    Add his wacky claim that people need to present identification to buy groceries, and you get Trump at his worst. Coming from any other President, Trump's brand of crazy talk -- much of it personal, ugly, and deranged -- would be enough to prompt calls for the White House doctor, who would, at the very least, prescribe some rest. But with Trump, statements that sound like he's trying to obstruct justice and distort reality no longer stir widespread outrage because he has taught the world to stop trying to make sense of what he says.

    Eighteen months into his administration, Trump has bombarded us with so much awful noise that our minds have been trained to disregard much of it.

    Are you doing what’s Natural? Or what is Normal?

    A good analogy from biology is what happens to people who work in foul environments and become desensitized to the odors. They just don't notice the stench anymore. In psychology, this process has been observed when it comes to violence. Repeated exposures inure people to the suffering. Donald Trump has no earthly clue about how real people buy groceries.

    With Trump, it seems like the natural inclination for those who don't agree with him is to defend themselves from the onslaught by abandoning the idea that the public will get anything approaching truth, dignity, and decency from our President. We also try to tamp down the sense of fear we experience because our minds cannot handle the hits of adrenaline that come when Trump's awful words and the mob-like reactions from his followers trigger our fight-or-flight response.

    Many people can recognize the signs of danger in words or the shifting mood of a crowd.