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  1. "What A Catch, Donnie" lyrics
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She never meant a thing to me" This song is when he realises he is better off without her and that the whole bad relationship was just part of 'growing up'.

"What A Catch, Donnie" lyrics

This whole song is about being the other man, however in an older sort of way - "Does your husband know the way that the sunshune gleams from your wedding band? This medley of songs brings us through their whole relationship; and helps us to understand "What A Catch, Donnie" because we can then see that after all this time, since Grand Theft Autumn, he "still wants [her] back". Just my thoughts on it anyway: No Replies Log in to reply.

Song Meaning Patrick said in an interview for a UK music magazine that this song was Pete writing from his point of view, and that he Pete 'really nailed me'. So following on from that, here's what I reckon this song means: I'm assuming the Donnie referred to in the title is Donny Hathaway, in which case Miss Flack was his writing partner - Pete is Patrick's writing partner, so maybe that line Pete is referring to himself and the way that he is always willing to 'take [Patrick] back' and will always be there for him, which is kind of a continuation from 'Saturday' which has lyrics by Patrick and kinda gives off a 'us two against the world' vibe.

I dunno, anyway that's what I reckon this song is, a kind of personal thing about the whole of FOB's career and Pete and Patrick's relationship which Pete has, cleverly, written from Patrick's perspective. Maybe the Elvis Costello line switches back to Pete's POV, and he's almost saying 'I'll never end up as troubled and underconfident as Patrick, but secretly, I already am'.

That would explain why it needed a different singer. Yeah sorry this went on a bit! Flag VivaLaLexy on May 26, General Comment This is epic. I can see this being a encore closer at all their future gigs.


General Comment The artists who sing the final lines from their old songs.. I swear Patrick sings the Dance, Dance part Unless BU sounds exactly like Pat. Flag KrisDeagle on September 22, Song Meaning This song scares me. It feels kind of like a farewell.

It feels like the end of Fall Out Boy. I didn't realize that there were other people singing, at first. I still can't pick out Travi's voice, even though I know which line he sings. It's almost like they're all trying to sing like Patrick. Costello, the most different, just sounded like a very stuffy, mid-sobbing Patrick.

The most common dictionary definition of "flack" is someone who provides publicity. This whole album seems like it's about regret, and wanting to do life over without being swallowed up by fame. With this line, it undermines the whole album in a very important way. It's like saying "well, here's what I said, and I wish I could mean it, but I'm too weak. I'm not sure of the relevance, but it's a great line. The second most important part of the song is the chorus. The chorus is about feeling inferior and feeling like a backstabber.

It's about how music, namely theirs, is more than just music. All of the songs [save the last, "Growing Up,"] are singles. Also, if you read them as one single unit, they become a song of their own, not just "parts of other FOB songs". I will never end up like him Behind my back, I already am Keep a calendar This way you will always know Where is your boy tonight?

I hope he is a gentleman Maybe he won't find out what I know You were the last good thing We're going down, down in an earlier round And sugar, we're goin' down swinging I'll be your number one with a bullet Dance, dance, we're falling apart to halftime Dance, dance, and these are the lives you'd love to lead Dance, this is the way they'd love If they knew how misery loved me This ain't a scene, it's a goddamn arms race This ain't a scene, it's a goddamn arms race One night and one more time Thanks for the memories Even though they weren't so great He tastes like you, only sweeter Growing up, growing up This section is about being something you don't want to, wanting a girl you can't have, and then watching it fall apart.

Then it's about realizing what your life has come to, and getting over it, and finally coming to realizing that you've grown. I will never end up like him. Keep a calendar, this way you will always know. It seems like he is telling himself that he will never end up like Donnie and be cheated on, though he knows that he already is being cheated on. The Calendar bit is as saying "Remember this as the day that you threw away the best thing that would ever happen to you. All of those songs were great by themselves, but now they all are unified into one context.

Fall Out Boy - What A Catch, Donnie Lyrics | irogyrikewyx.tk

General Comment ok, i'm probably wrong, but here is some interesting info. I'm the one who charmed the one who gave up on you" could be "I'm the one who charmed 'The One' soulmate , who also gave up on you" ie; i charmed you, and i also gave up on you - although donnie doesnt give up on gretchen, he does sacrifice his life for her, giving up the chance to try and live out the 28 days differently in order to keep her alive and not have her run over , which he could have done The video depicts lead singer Patrick Stump alone at sea trying to find his way home. Throughout most of the video he is fishing, reading in his cabin, playing the piano and suffering from loneliness.

Eventually, he finds a seagull trapped in ropes on his ship. He frees and befriends the bird and so the two set sail together and Patrick is no longer lonely. Towards the end of the video, Patrick starts to fish again but finds strange objects such as deer antlers from Antler Boy in " Sugar, We're Goin Down " , a black and white striped jacket the jacket Patrick wore in " Dance, Dance " , and a bass drum one of Andy Hurley 's drums. Finally, he comes across a sign featuring the letters F, O, and B the sign from " Thnks fr th Mmrs ".

He immediately turns the boat around to rescue the survivors on the lifeboats who include Joe Trohman , Andy Hurley , Spencer Smith , Brendon Urie , and everyone else except Pete Wentz who has worked with Fall Out Boy over the past few years. After all of the survivors are on the boat celebrating because they were rescued, Patrick looks out at the sinking ship.

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In the top right corner, a man assumed to be the captain in a white uniform is seen saluting. This man is supposedly Pete Wentz, and he had a close up in the original video but was edited out. Once all of the survivors are on the boat, and getting closer to shore, Patrick sets free his Seagull friend and watches him fly off with his family into the coast. At the end of the song it also depicts some of their greatest hits. The version of this video was that released on iTunes is missing the portion where Pete Wentz says "Thank you" to Patrick Stump. It is one of few ballads by Fall Out Boy.

As said in an interview, Pete Wentz said that the song was written in thoughts of his friendship with the lead singer Patrick Stump. He wanted to show his fondness towards "one of his best friends in the business". Although the band were on hiatus which stretched between and , Wentz and Stump still supported each other's new music releases.

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Towards the end of the song from 3: The songs and artists are as follow:. The title of the song is a reference to Donny Hathaway. His writing partner, Roberta Flack , is mentioned several times throughout the song. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification.