The Unloved: How Emotional Abuse Destroys Our Souls

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It was, he said, all HER fault. She took him to Relate Marriage Counselling, in a last ditch attempt to help him understand how much he was hurting her. The counsellor said, in the first ten minutes of the first session,. He still shouted, screamed and said horrible, horrible things to the woman he claimed he loved. So, battered and bruised on the inside, the woman finally plucked up the courage, after years and years of being told she was too useless to do anything on her own, and she told him to leave.

He wants to clear his name. He is enraged that she told others what he did to her. He says it is all her fault. Does he walk away with dignity? Does he respect that this is her decision? A decision that she, as an adult, can make, for whatever reasons she feels are valid, whether he agrees or not? Does he focus on the divorce NOT affecting their children too badly? Does he stop drinking excessively? War against the woman he claimed he loved.

The woman he claimed to have respected. He wages full on war. He watches who she sees, who she talks to. He stalks her online activity. Even though they are separated she is his constantly on his mind. He gets drunk and behaves appallingly, frighteningly, threateningly. She was a good mother before, but now she has left him, she is a bad mother, selfish and thoughtless, neglecting HIS children.

He encourages the children to play her up. To pry for him too. He rewards them for bad behaviour and for reporting things back to him. He wants them to live with him. He fights and fights for more and more. Even though this was never her nature for the previous 16 years. Later, he will pick the kids up, but only after shouting at her for 15 minutes. She finds a new home because she cannot live anymore with his constant intrusions, and she is fortunate enough, through this hell, to find a new loving and supportive partner.

She says the kids are too young to be left like that, and asks him to please drop them at the house. The court says he should pick the kids up and drop them off properly. In court he says he has, he will, he sounds all very sensible and convincing. The story continues, in a never ending loop. Everything she does is, in his opinion, up for his scrutiny, to be judged, shouted about, gossiped about and condemned. On and on and on and she feels as though it will never end. She just wants him to go away.

The Unloved: How Emotional Abuse Destroys Our Souls

He wants to prove to the world that his abuse was justified, that SHE is the problem, that HE is just fine. He can never be free from what he has done. This is my story, and for the first time in a long time, I am owning it. I am that woman and I have lived and I am still living this hell. Do I hold much hope of him stopping? So i just keep breathing and living and being as happy as possible. I roll with the punches for want of a better phrase. It is, quite frankly, terrifying.

Nor is it an accusation that is poorly considered. Regularly, in the full knowledge of abuse, women stay, hoping that things will change, that they will be able to talk sense into their abuser. Usually they stay because they are afraid, afraid of being alone, afraid of the consequences if they ever decide to leave, afraid of losing their home, their children, their sanity. It often takes several attempts before a victims plucks up the courage to leave permanently. You cannot talk sense into an abusive person.

They do not and will very rarely admit that they are even abusive. In the end there are two choices, accept it, or leave. You cannot accept it. There is evidence that abuse only gets worse over time, it is a downward spiral and if you are at a point where you have had enough now, just think how much worse it will be in 6 months, a year, in 5 years? Leaving, though, is a perilous business. Abuse will almost always escalate at the point of leaving, exposing women and children to frightening levels of vulnerability. They will do increasingly bizarre and often dangerous things to ensure that either she does not leave him, or expose him as the person at fault.

It is, without question, the most dangerous time for victims of abuse. Previously emotional and verbal abusers can suddenly become physical abusers. Women and children are often harmed or even killed because she tried to leave and to stop the abuse. Abusers bother, harass, intimidate and harangue victims once they have declared the relationship over. They stalk, track and follow their victims. They use child access arrangements to maintain control, they use the handover time as an excuse to harass the victim.

They are difficult about child access arrangements, keeping the victim on their toes, preventing them from making other plans because they are unreliable and unpredictable. Each time that they surprise you and are unexpectedly half reasonable, it is only to be followed by another episode of abuse. It is only ever just around the corner. In the year since my own separation from an emotionally and verbally abusive man I have been subjected to:. Verbal abuse directed at me in front of the children, when he was picking them up for access On several occasions.

Turned our daughter against me, twice. Once when she realised after two weeks what he was doing and, more recently, again where to this day she will not talk to me. Slated me to everyone we know, I have heard stories about me, the breakup and the children that have been told completely out of context, and he has told people private and personal details of my life during the marriage and since the breakup, most of which were none of his business without my knowledge or consent.

Why It's So Hard to See This Form of Childhood Abuse | Psychology Today

My social media is regularly stalked and repeated back to me in angry texts, emails and episodes of verbal abuse. This is the short list. As you can see, since our separation the abuse has not stopped, it has, in fact only become worse. The only saving grace I have now is that I can ignore much of it and concentrate on repairing the damage he has done to our family, particularly to our youngest child.

He refuses to accept that his behaviour is or has ever been abusive, despite being told by friends and professionals that it is. He refuses to accept that his behaviour has a devastatingly detrimental effect on our children. I have reached the point where I know that I cannot reason with him and I have come to terms with the fact that I have no choice but to do only what I feel is correct for me and for our children. I am now more than prepared to do whatever I have to do. If you are in a relationship with an abusive man, do not be fooled into thinking that when you say it is over, things will get better.

Get support and MOST importantly — of utmost importance — keep you and your children safe. There is a list of organisations on the MSV resources page that will help you through what will be a very difficult time and help you to stay safe.

It IS worth leaving an abusive relationship. It is important that you reclaim your life. Abuse is often hard to recognise. Here at MSV we hope to help victims realise they are in abusive relationships and empower them to take safe action. By sharing our stories we hope that others can find the strength to help themselves and get support from relevant agencies. Domestic abuse damages in whatever form and here at Many Small Voices we gather the stories of those who have survived abuse into one resource to help and support those who are still victims.

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You feel tense, you feel worried. Emotionally abusive relationships are a stark contrast to healthy relationships, but the behaviour is so gradually introduced so that over time the abuse becomes normalised. You feel loved, you feel treasured and important. You can make mistakes and not be penalised for not being perfect.

Plus 4 strategies to help you recover

Healthy relationships nourish you, they feel wonderful, and everyone deserves to feel truly loved. These are just some examples of emotional abuse within relationships. At the intersection of domestic abuse and mental health, trying to find a way through. A blog reaching out to victims of abuse and others in need, providing insight about abuse, hope for the future, and guidance to see THE LIGHT that lead Secret Angel out of the darkness of her own abusive situation and helped her to not only survive but to overcome.

A network committed to speaking out about domestic abuse and offering support. Many small voices can make one big voice. Only YOU can see the real them. Only you and them have that special connection that bonds you spiritually together. They are cowardly, for sure. Taking a child from his mother is not wanting the best for him.

Making him believe his mother is dangerous to him is not the best for him. Using him as a pawn in a sick twisted revenge plan is not the best for him. I know that real strength is quiet, kind and loving.

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I know that perfection is unattainable and I must not stress myself out trying to achieve it. I know that being the best me I can be, is all I can do, faults and all.

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Today, I accept that. This is the story of a man who wants to clear his name. Regardless of how emotional abuse unfolds, experts agree that it has devastating effects on those who are subjected to it. Unfortunately, these effects as well as each harmful act of abuse are largely invisible. This makes it difficult for most people to comprehend the very real risks and damage of emotional abuse. For a moment, try to imagine a scene of physical violence, a fight. The adrenaline and fear. The aftermath of blood, bruises, tears.

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  5. Now, try to picture a scene of emotional abuse, specifically someone whose self-identity has been annihilated. Can you see it? But if you are able to create a picture of either the acts of abuse or what the damage looks like on the person who experienced it, can you put that image into words? The parts of a person that sustained emotional abuse destroys—identity, dignity, and self-worth—are abstract, almost impossible to picture or measure.

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