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And if the Law states that we are all outlaws read: This is the Law we can't escape even if we tried to break it because, if we broke it, we'd still be following the Law.

If you think that's messed up, imagine living in a society where such a Law was actually enforced and enforced violently, backed up by a huge, impenetrable bureaucracy. So no wonder K. Acquittal before such a law is impossible if you're a human being, because the Law applies to all human beings — it is, in fact, the law of being human.

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This might explain why K. Logic and common sense, K.

Your only options are, as Titorelli explains, forms of deferral and procrastination. Kafka's The Trial is not situated in a specific city or a specific historical moment, but the features of this city are relatively modern. The action of the story begins at K. In Kafka's novel, we've got an omniscient narrator who seems to spend most of his time perched in Josef K.

The narrative is so loyal to K. Kafka is often considered one of the great Modernist writers, and The Trial falls squarely within typical Modernist concerns such as the shattering of consciousness, the decay of modern society, an Nothing and no one is safe from the novel's ironic tone, which casts a satiric eye on everything the main character does and the ludicrous machinations of the system in which he is entrapped.

  • Democratization and Market Reform in Developing and Transitional Countries: Think Tanks as Catalysts (Routledge Research in Comparative Politics).
  • Die Räuber (German Edition);
  • Flight 123.
  • We've stuck a "quasi" in front of "philosophical" to describe Kafka's style here, because while The Trial certainly has many extended monologues that sound awfully smart, they aren't actually very At first, the relevance of the title seems obvious. The court stands in for a soc We often use terms such as "existential" and "absurd" to describe works that are both intellectually challenging and depressing, works where nothing seems to happen but something "deep" seems to be We hesitate to lob a big old word like "hermeneutics" in your direction.

    But hermeneutics is a general term that describes philosophies that attempt to wrestle with such questions of interpretation In addition to the central discussion of painting in Chap