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One night Zoe is closing up at the coffee shop, and a familiar face shows up across the counter-her writing professor, Zach Zach gives Zoe the one thing that no one else in her life has given her Zach says Zoe's writing is very good, and she must continue with her degree. To a lost soul like Zoe, this kindness and support is foreign and wonderful. Zoe begins to think maybe she can do something with her life after all.

Maybe she isn't destined to be outcast, scraping by to make ends meet, and never really living. Mia doesn't know what to think about Allison's revelation. She has accepted that Zach did a terrible thing, and that she didn't know what was going on in his life outside of their marriage. And yet, maybe Allison does know something Now that Allison has reopened old wounds that Mia thought had healed, Mia knows she must follow this thread and find out the truth once and for all.

But what if she can't handle it? Reflection All of what I posted is spoiler free. The basic premise of this book is Mia's storyline in the present, contrasted with the months leading up to Zach's suicide in the past, told from Zoe's point of view. In the middle of it all is Allison. Allison is just a fantastic character. I hated Allison, then I pitied Allison, and then I was left not knowing what to make of her at all.

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Mia and Zoe were also so frustrating at times, and yet I enjoyed them. In completely different ways, they are women who show strength despite what life has thrown at them. The switch in perspectives is wonderful. Something weird would happen to a character in one, and then it would switch and the other character's story would be progressing, and then it would pick back up again the first story.

There are also lots of twists and turns along the way. I never could make up my mind about who to trust and what storyline to trust. Right along with Mia and Zoe, I questioned so many things happening in each of their lives. Kathryn Croft did a fantastic job of writing their inner monologues as events unfold.

You can ride along with each of them and understand them questioning if they interpreted someone else's actions or words correctly. And the ending was just perfect, I enjoyed it very much.

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It was a "just one more page" kind of night, until I was up way past my bedtime! I found myself thinking about the ending for many days, which is a sign of a truly great read. Though disturbing, it is not described in any sort of way that is too graphic or raw. View all 9 comments.

Oct 06, Debra rated it it was amazing Shelves: This book took me by surprise, in a really good way. I have gone back and forth in my mind.. A woman is rebuilding her life after her husband dies causing a scandal. Mia Hamilton and her husband were happily married with a young daughter. Mia thought she had it all and then her husband was found dead in the apartment of one of his students, a young woman with a troubled past named Josie. The student's blood is ever This book took me by surprise, in a really good way.

The student's blood is everywhere but Josie is no where to be found. Investigators believe that her husband had something to do with the missing student, and as a result committed suicide in her flat. Five years have passed and Josie is still missing. Mia has suffered through the public's outrage and negative opinion of her husband. She has had to cope with the suspicions as to why her husband was even in a students flat while raising her daughter alone.

Finally she has found happiness with her boyfriend Will. The woman's name is Alison and she begins to tell Mia that she once lived with Josie, that she saw Mia's husband the day he died and that she wants to set the record straight. Needless to say this book had all the elements to grab my attention.

The book is full of secrets, a character with a troubled past, a troubled character, relationship issues, hidden agendas, etc. It had enough juice to keep me reading. I read this entire book pretty much in one sitting. It was a page turner for me. The story is told through both Josie in the past and Mia in the present points of view. This is brilliant but I also wanted to hear that thoughts of Alison. As the book progresses it becomes clear that there is more to most of the characters than meets the eye.

One of the characters presents as being unreliable; but is this person unreliable or is there something more going on. Plus, there are quite a few revelations and twists in this book to keep things interesting.

Silent Lies () - IMDb

This also helps to keep the reader guessing as characters do not always seem trustworthy and the mystery is not only what really happened the night Zach died and Josie went missing, but who can you trust in this book? I say it a lot, but I love putting on my super sleuth hat and trying to figure out who did what, who is to blame, etc. My one BIG complaint: I find the beauty in shocking twists is that I do not see them coming. I want to surprised by the twist.

The description of this book is inciting enough, you don't need to tease the shock factor. Having said that, I was surprised by the twist. I thought I had a few things figured out, I was wrong. This was a fun book for me to read. I like being surprised and shocked. I love a good twist and turn here and there as I am reading.

I also liked that not everything was quite tided up by the end of the book. This may annoy some readers but I kinda liked it. I thought the Author did a great job of weaving the past and the present. This really helped set the mood and add to the mystery. As little spinets of information are presented, the suspense builds.

The writing was solid and the pacing was great. Nothing dragged in this book. This is a book that can easily be read in one sitting - time permitting,as the story is compelling. This was my first time reading this Author and it certainly will not be my last. I received a copy of this book from Bookouture and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Thank you for making this book available. See more of my reviews at www. Oct 02, Nicki rated it it was amazing. Everything in Mia Hamilton's perfect life changed when her Husband,university teacher Zach committed suicide on the same night one of his students Josie Carpenter vanished.

Five years later,Mia is just beginning to heal when a stranger Alison walks into her life and claims that Zach didn't kill himself.

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As the truth about what happened that night be Everything in Mia Hamilton's perfect life changed when her Husband,university teacher Zach committed suicide on the same night one of his students Josie Carpenter vanished. As the truth about what happened that night begins to unfold,Alison becomes harder to read,and Mia starts to wonder - why is Alison so keen to help?

Then a piece of the puzzle appears in a impossible place,and Mia has to ask,is she losing her mind,or should she be afraid for her life? The characters are all complex,well developed,mostly untrustworthy and nothing is ever what it seems. What really happened that fateful night was totally unexpected,I honestly didn't see that twist coming but my shock at that twist was nothing compared to how I felt when I got to the final chapter,I was so shocked I nearly dropped my kindle.


Throughout the whole book Kathryn Croft had been leading me down a certain path and then suddenly I learnt that what I thought I knew was absolutely wrong. I loved this well written,riveting,twist packed tale of secrets,lies,mental illness,obsessions and misinterpretation. Many thanks to Bookouture for a arc of this book via Netgalley in exchange for a honest review. View all 5 comments. I've had great luck with mysteries lately. This was another good one that I read.

It has definitely kept me up late tonight. This is told with dual pov's: Mia--who's is the wife of the suspect and Josie--the victim. Mia's world comes to a shocking stop when her new client, Alison, makes the claim that Mia's husband didn't commit suicide. Alison happens to be the ex- roommate of Josie's. Mia can't decide whether she trusts Alison claims but wants so desperately to have the answers about what happ I've had great luck with mysteries lately. Mia can't decide whether she trusts Alison claims but wants so desperately to have the answers about what happened between Luke and Josie.

It's hard as the reader to trust Alison,as well, because you hear all about her from Josie's pov. Do we trust her? Or is there something else going on? I thought the writer did a great job of keeping you guessing throughout the novel. Through Mia's and Josie's journey, I hardly knew who to believe nor did I see the ending coming. That was a great surprise! View all 6 comments. Oct 12, Louise Wilson rated it really liked it. Mia Hamilton's husband Zach was a university teacher. Five years ago Zach committed suicide the same night one of his students, Josie Carpenter, went missing.

Zach's daughter was just two years old. Now Mia has a new man in her life, her boyfriend Will, and has finally found happiness. That is until one day when a stranger, Alison, tells Mia that her husband Mia did not kill himself. Mia soon finds out that Alison has her own agenda for exposing the details of Zach's death.

Can Mia believe anyth Mia Hamilton's husband Zach was a university teacher. Can Mia believe anything Alison tells her? There are plenty of twists as this story unfolds. There is two main points of view in this storyline, Alison's from five years ago and Mia's is told in the present.

The characters are mostly untrustworthy. I can honestly say I never saw the twist coming. The book is well written, full of secrets and lies, covers mental health illness and obsession. Oct 06, Mandy White rated it it was amazing Shelves: I did not see that coming! So many secrets and lies I wasn't trusting any of the characters. A fantastic book that hooks you in from the start and leaves you wanting more!!

Thank you to Netgalley and Bookouture for a copy of this book to read and review. I am a fan of Kathryn Crofts books and can't wait to see what she brings out next. Oct 25, Amy rated it really liked it Shelves: It was a clever tactic that kept me flipping pages quickly and I found myself desperate as well to untangle the web of lies and discover the truth myself! This keeps you on your toes, it was a constant guessing game and I had my suspicions about every single character at some point.

I kept changing my mind and second guessing everything which I always love in a psychological thriller. The ending was a total surprise and really well executed, I do love a killer twist and this one delivered. Oct 25, Eva rated it really liked it. Five years ago, Mia's husband Zach committed suicide in the flat of one of his students on the same night this same student, Josie, goes missing.

Mia had a hard time putting her life back together again but now she's found happiness again with a new partner. Until one day, Alison arrives on her doorstep and claims Zach didn't kill himself at all. But Alison seems to have some issues. Can she be trusted? Will Mia ever find out what really happened to her husband? Man, I do so love it when an autho Five years ago, Mia's husband Zach committed suicide in the flat of one of his students on the same night this same student, Josie, goes missing.

Man, I do so love it when an author can keep me guessing until the very end and Kathryn Croft managed it effortlessly! This, to me, is always the mark of an excellent story! Talk about not seeing something coming! Silent Lies is incredibly intense and full of intrigue. Its gripping and compelling plot had me hooked from the very first page. The story is told through alternating chapters, switching between Mia in the present and Josie in the past. My only niggle is that maybe, just maybe, some things were a tad "out there" and I couldn't quite find myself in some of the motives of the characters but none of this hampered my enjoyment for one second and I raced through this brilliant psychological thriller.

This is only the second book I've read by Kathryn Croft but I'll definitely be catching up now and I look forward to whatever is next. I have enjoyed every one of her books that I have read! I want to read them all! When counsellor Mia takes an appointment with a woman named Alison, little did she know her life would take an incredible turn. How does Alison know this?

What is Mia 4. What is Mia about to find about her husband who killed himself 5 years ago after doing something awful. Such a great read! I loved all the messed-up characters, I loved the awful ones, and I loved the good ones! There were heaps of twists and turns! I just absolutely love her writing! Did I enjoy the audio version? I love it when there are two narrators. It was one of the better ones I have listened to lately! It would be a great thriller to start on audio!

Would I recommend Silent Lies? I think most thriller fans will enjoy this one. There is something great about Crofts writing, give it a go and see for yourself! I purchased Silent Lies at my own expense at audible. Blog Instagram Twitter Facebook Oct 15, Monnie rated it really liked it. If you enjoy reading about female characters who are totally consumed by angst, paranoia and self-doubt, do not - repeat, do not miss this book. Not only is there one such character here, but three - and until the end, it's virtually impossible to tell who's telling the truth.

It's a story with a past that began five years prior to the present day, when Mia Hamilton has finally come to grips - almost - with her husband Zach's suicide. He died on the same day that Josie, one of his university stu If you enjoy reading about female characters who are totally consumed by angst, paranoia and self-doubt, do not - repeat, do not miss this book.

He died on the same day that Josie, one of his university students, disappeared he was a professor ; the claim was that he and his student were having an affair that somehow went awry. The unfortunate result, it appears, is that he murdered her and took his own life in remorse. Despite a few misgivings, Mia never believed Zach was a murderer; and now, she's getting by at their London home with help from their young daughter, Freya, her close personal boyfriend Will and Zach's ever-loving parents, who live nearby. She's undergone training as a personal counselor, seeing clients in her home office, and her life after Zach is back on a track toward normalcy.

That changes, though, when a young woman named Alison seeks her out and makes an appointment.

Paperback Editions

Clearly, Alison is seriously disturbed, but she makes a claim that chills Mia to the core: She knew both Josie and Zach, and more to the point, she insists Zach did not kill himself. That said, she abruptly runs off, leaving Mia to deal with the fallout and start questioning Zach's death, and just about everything else she's come to believe in, all over again.

But can what Alison says and does be trusted? Just as Mia begins to think she's the real deal, something happens that make her think she's delusional. As Mia tries to separate fact from fiction, what really happened back then is revealed to readers through flashback chapters narrated by Josie, the student supposedly murdered by Zach I've grown weary of this technique, in all honestly, but the author does it very well.

After a number of twists and turns, everything comes together in a surprising end. That ending was not, however, all that satisfying. I'm not totally sure why, except perhaps that I never really related to any of the three women hey, that's just me, but I prefer my female characters to be strong and mentally stable, I guess.

Still another reason is that I guessed wrong - make that way wrong - so maybe my let-down is just a touch of sour grapes to compensate for being fooled. The bottom line is that this is a well-written, easy-to-read book that I really didn't want to put down. Many thanks to the publisher, via NetGalley, for the opportunity to read it in exchange for an honest review. View all 10 comments. Oct 03, Stacey Camp rated it it was amazing Shelves: I did not see that ending coming! The book begins with a funeral. Mother and child are mourning the death of their dearly beloved husband and father.

We quickly learn that the mother, Mia, lost her university professor husband to what is believed to be a murder suicide. The running theory is that her husband, Z Wow. The running theory is that her husband, Zach, committed suicide after killing his college student and lover, Josie. You start to sympathize with both of the narrators, both leading you to form different, and sometimes contradictory, opinions of up to the two narrators, Mia and Josie.

You develop feelings for both of them despite the years separating them and the man in between them. Josie has led a hard life. I tended to sympathize more with Mia, but then I started to question why she was telling me her story and the narrative conventions upon which she was relying. Why is she sharing it? I really loved the shocker of an ending, and how it wrapped up so neatly. Thank you to the author, Kathryn Croft, the publisher, Bookouture one of my favorites! Oct 17, Shannon rated it really liked it.

This is my second Kathryn Croft book I have read. I did not see the ending coming. Full of twists and turns. It was pretty good. The book is told in alternating POVs, which I love. He was found in an apartment where one of his students lived. Five years later, Mia is trying to get on with her life until a woman named Allison seeks out Mia and tells her Zach did not kill him self. Hmmm, what really happened?! Again, I found it hard to trust anyone in Silent Lies but I did enjoy this one! Thank you, Netgalley and Bookouture Oct 01, Michelle rated it really liked it Shelves: With police investigations and media reportage of crime stories, the public can usually get an accurate account as to what happened in these cases.

Zach was impressed with the writing of his student Jose Carpenter, and spoke with her in a coffee shop where Carpenter worked to discuss her underdeveloped talent. Clearly, Carpenter became infatuated with her handsome teacher, and was keeping a low profile from her troubled and violent past. It seemed that everyone had an opinion as to what might have happened there. To make matters worse, Carpenter, was missing and presumed dead, her body was never found.

Had the darkness from her past caught up with her? News reports kept the case alive online, the shame and humiliation related to unknowing subsided with a loving supportive relationship with Will. Mia had also opened a successful counseling and therapy practice at her home office. Despite Cummings mental instability, Mia was determined to help her and find out what actually happened to her husband. Croft, a mesmerizing storyteller, developed believable characters and multiple narratives with an unpredictable twist readers will not soon forget.

View all 8 comments. I want to give a huge thank you to Bookouture and NetGalley for providing me with an eARC in exchange for a honest and unbiased review. Mia thinks that after five years she is over the tragic death of her husband Zach. She has finally made peace, has a healthy daughter and a loving partner.

Working as a counselor she has a new patient come in and is surprised when the woman says "your husband didn't kill himself. Was her husband guilty of having an affair with a student and then killing himself and his student?

Silent Lies

How did her husband die? Read this suspenseful and twisty psychological thriller to find out! This book receives 4. This book had me on the edge of my seat the whole time! I didn't know which way to think or what was going to happen next. This book was split between two point of views and usually I don't enjoy that much but definitely did with this book! I didn't see the ending coming at all.

I was in complete shock! I read this book in less than a day. The only reason I am not giving this book 5 stars is because I felt a little left hanging in the end but that could've just been my preference of wanting more! I will definitely be checking out the author's previous work! This is a story told by two female characters in first person on different timelines. There is a dead husband-Zack, and a girl missing and presumed dead, Josie. Storytelling goes back and forth between Zack's wife Mia and Josie. It is a bit slow paced but we learn what really happened in the end.

I didn't like this book. Firstly, the characters are not built realistically. There are too many messed up woman in this book. Some characters are repetitively referred as 'fighters' but they are superfi This is a story told by two female characters in first person on different timelines. Some characters are repetitively referred as 'fighters' but they are superficially described. You are just being told what happened to them, you don't feel their psychology. Josie, Alison or Mia all could have been the same woman. They don't come to flesh and bone.

Also what's the point of the character, Will? I understand Croft tried to write a suspenseful novel with surprise ending however it didn't work for me I have one more book to read from this author on my audible account so really wondering what I will think about it. Oct 03, Judy Collins rated it really liked it Shelves: As the novel opens to five years earlier, at a funeral.

The husband of Mia and father of Freya. This is no normal funeral. There are angry people. They were married for ten years. People are asking her if she knew what her husband was up to? How could she have comprehended what he was capable of? She never really knew the man she married. Presently we hear from Mia Hamilton.

Her daughter now is seven years old. Mia owns a counseling business and is dating Will. He would like for them to move in together. She is not ready. He is the kindest man she could ever meet and so good with Freya. She thinks someone is watching her. Her world as she knows will never be the same. Mia is meeting a client, Alison Cummings a young woman. She works from her home office. However, she tells Mia that her husband did not kill himself. She says he is a violent man.

Alternating from past to present we hear from Josie Carpenter past and Mia present. Josie was a student of Zachs at the university. At the time he never believed Zach was capable of the things people said. They think it is time for her to move on. Mia has been unable to tell them for the last five years, that she does not think Zach was innocent. The evidence stacked against him was too compelling to ignore. Start your free trial.

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