Operation Pike: Britain Versus the Soviet Union, 1939-1941 (Contributions in Military Studies)

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After the attack on the Soviet Union by Nazi Germany in Operation Barbarossa in June , Operation Pike was revived as a contingency plan to be invoked in the event that German forces occupied the Caucasian oil fields.

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Although the British and French pursued the operation to weaken Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia, the actual outcome would likely have been more detrimental for the planners if successful. If the attack had been launched prior to the invasion of France, Britain would have faced the prospect of fighting a Nazi-Soviet alliance alone after France's fall which also would have put off the almost inevitable Nazi-Soviet conflict.

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If it was resurrected in to deny oil fields in the Caucasus to the advancing Germans if the Soviets could not sabotage them, success in destroying them would have harmed Russia more and could have caused the government to collapse, leaving a major anti-Nazi bulwark incapable of contributing to the fighting. In any event, Allied bombers would probably have been ineffective in destroying the fields, as in British night bombing raids against Germany were so inaccurate that few bombs managed to be dropped within miles of their targets, a disadvantage that remained for the whole war.

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With around bombers each capable of carrying only half a ton of bombs, low payload and poor accuracy made it is extremely unlikely that they would have any great effect on Soviet oil facilities anyway. Furthermore, the overall objective of denying Germany fuel supplies was flawed, as even Allied intelligence concluded that Russian oil only comprised a small part of Germany's fuel, the bulk of which actually came from Romania.

Operation Pike was driven more by desire for action while avoiding direct confrontation on the battlefield during the Sitzkrieg , overconfidence from strategic bombing enthusiasts, and pursuing an idea of hurting both countries at once than actual military value.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the World War II operation. Britain versus the Soviet Union, — Retrieved 22 September The Sidney Cotton Story. Retrieved 7 May Retrieved from " https: Bibliography Includes bibliographical references and index.

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These plans, formulated on the widespread belief that Soviet Russia was an active and willing partner in Adolf Hitler's war of conquest, were designed to bring the Soviets to their knees and deprive Nazi Germany of vital raw materials, especially oil. Churchill himself was one of the leading proponents of action that would have led to an Anglo-Soviet conflict even as the war with Germany raged on. Utilizing many documents, Patrick R. Osborn challenges conventional wisdom that Allied hopes were pinned on a Soviet entry into the war against Germany and proposes instead that, had the Nazis not successfully invaded France in May , the Allies might well have launched their own offensive against the Soviet Union.

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Anti-Soviet rumblings started almost immediately after the crimson military seized jap Poland in September , and have become extra strident after Joseph Stalin invaded Finland later that 12 months. In March-April , the British undertook mystery reconnaissance flights to procure images of vital goals contained in the Soviet Union. The fast cave in of France in may possibly insured that British bombers weren't introduced opposed to those pursuits, yet suspicion lingered among Britain and the USSR during the struggle, contributing to Stalin's refusal to think Winston Churchill's warnings that Hitler used to be getting ready to invade the USSR in Read or Download Operation Pike: Medushevsky examines constitutionalism in Russia from Tsarist occasions to the current.

He lines different attitudes to constitutionalism in political idea, and in perform, at various sessions, exhibiting how the stability among authoritarianism and liberalism has shifted.

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Regional Governance in Stalin's Russia,. Grand Theater examines paperwork now not as a easily identifiable constitution yet fairly as a technique of daily operation.