Lemprise du désir (Spicy) (French Edition)

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As a vinyl nerd he began playing records during the early nineties. By witnessing Claude Young mixing with three record players, Fengler followed his path merging both hearts in his chest: With his impressive intuition for the very moment, Fengler is capable of changing pace, atmosphere, and energy reacting to the mood on the dance floor: The approach of allowing to drift away within the momentum also applies to his first singles as a producer on such labels like Ostgut Ton and Mote Evolver.

As a DJ and producer, Marcel Fengler stands for imposing surprises and the appeal of variety. For him, techno is both unconditional passion as well as an essential part of his identity.

With a deep love for obscure field recording, she captures organic sounds from around the globe, encapsulating its ambiance into her original tracks. With an impressive list of remixes and releases on famous imprints 8bit, Hot Creations, Saved, Knee Deep in Sound… in addition to his own label, Diversions Music, and a string of collaborations with high-profile artists such as Agoria or Miss Kittin.

Olivier already had started mixing, influenced by a large spectrum of music styles: Funk, Italo-disco, New Wave and the early House scene. He met in high-school his future musical partner, Stephane Deschezeaux with whom he bought his first bits of equipment and started to compose music in the early Nineties. Not too long after that, Olivier became a resident DJ at a club in his hometown Grenoble, jumpstarting a career in electronic music.

Today, this track has become a classic, still regularly played around the world, boasting more than 20 million views on YouTube. As well as two mix compilations 5 years of Systematic, 5 years of 8Bit. Deep and melodic sounds gave a diversity of tracks, from dancefloor to downtempo.

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Summer of also saw him perform multiple times for Music On at Amnesia Ibiza for the third year in a row, including notably its closing. Pas de samples donc, mais des compositions originales. Paul et Alexandre y passaient leurs vacances enfants. Nous sommes un Synapson, une synapse musicale, en quelque sorte.

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In this day and age, where dance and pop are more and more intertwining, it should be of no surprise that new talents with an understanding and knowledge of both musical worlds touch people of these once opposed scenes. Their music must reflect this newfound diversity and open-mindedness, which was not given in past times.

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The young French producer Tez Cadey already has this astounding ability at his tender age. His songs are melodic and catchy on one hand, thoughtful and profound on the other. Tez Cadey, a name to remember for all lovers of limitless and beautiful music…. The ghost producer of many club hits, Tristan became The Avener when he decided to re-embrace the pleasure of music for its own sake, his early love of piano and melodies, his rich, eclectic, multilayered musical culture and deep house — an antidote to the mechanical chill that has crept into electro over the last few years.

The Avener not only writes, but also explores secret paths of memory, covering Sixto Rodriguez, John Lee Hooker, Mazzy Star, The Be Good Tanyas, Andy Bey and Adam Cohen in a mosaic of seminal blues, underground folk, nocturnal pop, ironic rock and the work of forgotten artists from the 70s and 80s. All around the world, his delicate, radiant style has been welcomed as a So French Touch of Elegance, a rediscovery of the missing link between harmonic emotion and the urge to dance.

Especially, he says, about dance music. SBCR is the name of an evolution, a new era and a new mask. With this project, the internationally renown musician and dj, was able to start from scratch and go back to the beginning of his creative process, in order to gain new freedom in this ever changing dimension we call electronic music. This is only the first of three Eps that will be released by the end of For these releases it felt natural to join forces with Dim Mak Records and its founder Steve Aoki, who fully supports this new raw musical journey.

Quoi de plus normal pour Wielki? Alex aka Wielki is a young French electronic music producer. He began a classical piano training at a very young age but his elder cousin introduced him to electronic music. His cousin offered him his first synthesizer and it was a revelation to him. Then he started practising and learning the basic techniques of computer music.

His musical world flits between techno, house and electro music. The crafted structures of his pieces always tell a story ranging from raw energy to melancholy. The same goes for his sets. His music is pervaded by an intense, martial and epic dimension. They share the same artistic vision based on an efficient melodic techno music. From that time he started playing with them at the Rex Club, Faust or R2. This was widely acclaimed by the underground scene.

Way Of House will then ask Armada Music to promote the track throughout the world. Recorded between Paris and Los Angeles, the EP oscillates between euphoric moments and nostalgia, seamlessly travelling between soundscapes. He brings her to new heights of passion, but she doesn't realize until it's too late that her disguise is compromised. Not wanting him to recognize her as his new designer, she runs away. But Jeremy follows her home. Will the new life she's Read more CHF 0. He makes her promise to never go back to the club, but she is reminded of a promise she first made to her boss.

Deciding to do one final performance turns out to be a mistake as her nightmarish past catches up with her. Will Jeremy rescue her, and will she let him?

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Kinky and erotic, this is the third and final installment in Read more CHF 1. Read more CHF 7. Every time I close my eyes all I see is Callie, her long flowing blonde locks, her slim curvy body with legs that go on for miles and breasts that make my mouth Une seule chose comptait alors: It's not that she doesn't want sex -- in fact, she's desperately horny and plays dress-up in sexy underwear when she's alone.

Formats and Editions of Addicted [irogyrikewyx.tk]

But living with two guys who are "just friends" means she doesn't get the chance for action, even if she fantasizes about hooking up with Jack, one of her sexy roommates. Now Jack's heart has been broken by his ex-girlfriend, and Emily Sam Standish has always prided himself on being a rough and rugged frontier saloonkeeper. Hoffmann Price and 1 more E.