Engineering The Risks of Hazardous Wastes

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Contact EHS to schedule testing.

Hazard, Risk & Safety - Understanding Risk Assessment, Management and Perception

According to the the Occupational Health and Safety Code Radiation Protection Regulation , all designated radiation equipment must first be inspected and certified. Complete the application and contact EHS to schedule an inspection. University of Alberta Why UAlberta?

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Report an Incident What happens next? Engineering controls Engineering controls are built into equipment or processes to minimize hazards. Engineering controls include the following: The key differences of the proposed methodology and the existing framework are the 1 use of the transient exposure concentration; 2 use of the entire population rather than a representative ideal individual; 3 use of age- and gender-based population subgroups to represent population characteristics; 4 use of a population growth model to represent growth dynamics; and 5 presentation of risk through a risk profile with risk summarized through a single indicator, potential cancer incidences PCI.

The proposed methodology was applied in a ground water contamination scenario due to benzene to determine its applicability.

Environment, Health & Safety

The results of the study showed that age-based variability of population characteristics is important in predicting the population risk while gender played a small role. The existing US EPA methodology and its variation using age-independent variability of population characteristics overestimate the risk given by PCI substantially, and therefore, the decisions can lead to costly cleanup goals. Population risk is not a single value but a distribution due to the contribution from ditferent individuals of the exposed population. Hence, the decision criterion proposed in this study, PCI, is found to be a useful indicator to describe population carcinogenic risk to the society under a variety of conditions and scenarios.

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