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As you might have already guessed, this healthy green juice recipe contains 3 ingredients: They help your skin stay healthy, hydrated and give it the healthy glow you are after! Vitamin K helps reduce stress level which has a positive effect on your skin stress can cause bad skin, so the less stress, the better skin , lots of water helps the body stay hydrated. This juice is best enjoyed right away but if you want to drink it later, store in the fridge at all times!

Carrot Ginger Turmeric Smoothie

The juice that is not stored in the fridge goes off pretty fast. The warmer the room the faster it goes off. In summer it can go off within an hour, if not in the fridge! By juicing you lose fiber that each fruit and vegetable contains but what I do is this: I simply take some of the pulp that usually goes to bin and mix it back into the juice! You will barely taste the vegetables! The health benefits will depend on the ratio of your ingredients but most green juices are packed with Vitamins, are high in antioxidants and rich in chlorophyll which helps your body detoxify.

So guys, I highly recommend this glowing skin green juice. It is tasty, healthy, fresh, nutritious and your skin will thank you for drinking it! Actually, your whole body will! Browse more Juice Recipes or visit our channel to see the videos. This green juice recipe is great for detoxifying the body and improving the skin quality!

I have been using it for quite some time and I enjoy the benefits! Great to hear that, Lindsey! You are absolutely right!

Gino's Italian Adriatic Escape: THE NEW COOKBOOK FROM THE ITV SERIES

Lemon juice will definitely make the juice taste even better! I have made it slightly different by adding some extra ingredients and the ones you have added. Really awesome drink… Thanks, Julia for your sharing. Thanks for commenting and rating. Thanks for finding time to leave a comment and rating! Tara, I guess if you have a powerful blender, then you probably can.

12 Juicing Recipes That Don't Suck

However, the final result will more likely be completely different. I am guessing it will be thicker — more like a smoothie. You probably should add some liquid — maybe an apple juice or water.


How did you calculate the sugar content? I would imagine just the four large apples would have about 80g all together. Yes, you are right, Emma. Kale and celery are very low in sugar almost none. Naturally sweet, beets are the perfect veggie for juicing. Not to mention they're bursting with antioxidants and nitrates, which improve your blood flow. Skip to main content.

Pineapple, Celery, Carrot, and Ginger The low-calorie, fiber-rich celery stalks in this juice will give you a healthy dose of vitamin C, potassium, folic acid, calcium, and vitamin B6. WIN a prize a day! Carrot, Orange, and Ginger With its cheery, bright orange hue, this juice is a splash of sunshine guaranteed to boost your mood and your vitamin C levels, thanks to the succulent oranges.

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My Whole Food Life. Sweet Potato, Apple, and Chard They don't call 'em sweet for nothing: Carrot-Apple This juice contains two apples for twice the pectin which lowers both blood pressure and glucose levels , boron to support strong bones and a healthy brain , vitamin C for an immunity boost and phytonutrients to fight free radical damage.

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  • Apples, Beets, Lemon, and Ginger With stomach-soothing ginger and digestion-aiding lemons, this juice is a great way to start your hungover Sunday. Celery-Pear Need a little more fiber in your diet? Cucumber-Apple The high water content in cucumbers and apples makes this refreshing juice a hydrating elixir—perfect for those hot summer days you're counting down to. My Darling Lemon Thyme. Kale, Chard, and Ginger You know greens are good for you, but this juicing recipe includes a breath-boosting bonus: Grapefruit-Cantaloupe Up your antioxidants with vitamin C-rich grapefruits.

    Spinach With 4 cups of spinach, this juice is loaded with vitamins K, A, and folate and minerals manganese, magnesium, and iron. Beet Naturally sweet, beets are the perfect veggie for juicing. Pineapple, Celery, Carrot, and Ginger. Carrot, Orange, and Ginger.

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    Sweet Potato, Apple, and Chard. Apples, Beets, Lemon, and Ginger. Mango, Kale, Spinach, and Apple.